…at the end of the tunnel?

No, not quite.  The end of the tunnel is nearing, but not attained.  Yet.  I have achieved a milestone, though, and it’s exciting for me.

For the first time in I believe 18 years I am under 220 lbs.  219.2, to be exact, as of this morning.  Yes, it feels good.  I’ve been hovering in the low to mid 220s for weeks.

I give a lot of credit to drinking a lot of water (and peeing it out).  It seems my better weight loss days coincide with drinking lots of water.  Even though I am a soda fiend, sometimes I just want ice cold water.

On the plus side I can see my legs getting skinnier.  On the negative side I feel like I’m not losing much of my gut.  I’m still needing larger sized shirts so they don’t look all stretched out and when I see photos of myself I still think I look fat.

The numbers, though, are encouraging, so we’ll go with that.  🙂