The Light…

…can be seen at the end of the tunnel.  The program is over.  We have signed up for an “after” program called Next Steps.  It’s more of an emotional support group thing to keep people on track and help them from regressing.  I’m enjoying it so far and find it useful and helpful.

As far as weight goes I’m still maintaining, hovering between 229 and 232 lbs.  I’m still struggling with “what”, but am doing much better with portion control and frequency, so that’s good.

I guess this is more of a short update.  haha  As I sat down to write I realized I didn’t have much to say.  That might be a good sign.

One thought on “The Light…”

  1. As you know, life throws us punches but then life smooths out again. That’s when we can concentrate on our goals. I believe in you Ken!

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