A Command Decision has been made!

Think waaaaaaay back to two days ago.  When I listed the things that contribute to my stress in relation to eating.  Some were bigger than others, but they’re all there.  Well, I took a step today to reduce some of my stress.  I dropped my Calculus class.

It’s an expensive decision, but it’s the biggest thing that I can control right now, and it was causing a lot of stress by itself.  Once I made the decision, I felt relieved.  Kind of 😐 at the money down the drain, but relieved nonetheless.

So let’s move forward with a significantly less-cluttered mind.  I’m keeping the other class, computer coding, but the calculus will have to wait.  I’ll reassess later.  In the mean time… 🙂

Kind of interesting how this blog has meandered and evolved from one place to another.  I still consider weight loss and everything associated with the original heart health theme.

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